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Fringe Banner MOBILE

Brighton Fringe Festival

Open To Everyone

I had a great time working on the branding for England's largest arts festival. I aimed to capture the essence of the festival's inclusivity with the brochure cover, which is seen by thousands of people every year.

It featured a simple message of 'Open to Everyone'. I worked with buddy Olly Hayes to produce a series of animations to promote the festival on social media to help expand its reach.

Thanks to our efforts, the festival enjoyed its most successful year ever, drawing in over 500,000 attendees.

03 Lolly studio Brighton Fringe Mermaid
Monster Fringe
Fringe girl
Fringe Trumpet
Fringe Pipey Joe3
LOLLY Fringe Mermaid
FRINGE 1920 X1080 2
FRINGE 1920 X1080 4
Brighton Fringe Posters London
Brighton Fringe ticket Office