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Cloak+Dagger Brew Co.

Craft Beer Branding

Cloak+Dagger Brewing asked me to create a standout brand identity for their beers. The goal was to make their products scream for attention in a crowded market. To achieve this, I employed creative wordplay, vibrant and minimal colour palettes and striking character-led graphics. Impact was immediate and I'm proud to see them in publications such as Craft Beer Design and Beer by Design.

I'm incredibly honoured to be shortlisted for the prestigious Design Week award for best 2D packaging graphics.

Cloak Dagger wallofcans
Cloak Dagger AM
Komodo Bozo 440 Label CD OL
Cloak Dagger KB
Cloak Dagger CE
Constant Elevation 440 Label CD OL
Galactic Catnip 440 Label CD OL
Cloak Dagger GC
Cloak Dagger Lilac leaningcans
Cloak Dagger HC
Holy Calamity 440 Label CD OL
Never Dug Disco 440 Label CD OL
Cloak Dagger NDD
Cloak Dagger RTP
Routes To Pluto 440 Label CD OL
Cloak Dagger box2
Lazy Hustle 440 Label CD OL
Cloak Dagger LH
Cloak Dagger LK
Lickery Kisses 440 Label CD OL
Audacious Facelift 440 Label CD OL
Cloak Dagger AF
The Cloak Room Brighton 40
We All Float 440 Label CD OL 2
Cans Weallfloat
We All Float Render
2 D Packaging Graphics
Free Book Mockup 2


  • Illustration
  • Creative Direction